Minera Hall – recent disturbances

As some of our residents are already uncomfortably aware, there has been an outbreak of severe antisocial behaviour in the grounds of Minera Hall in late April and early May. These incidents have resulted in attendance by North Wales Police and the fire service.

Minera CC has been in regular contact with the landlord of the property over several years with respect to outbreaks of such behaviour and other problems of vandalism and trespass, and has renewed this correspondence in the light of recent events. We have also been in regular contact with North Wales Police and Wrexham County Borough Council in efforts to support our residents and preserve the peace of our community.

North Wales Police has now taken the lead with respect to dealing with the most recent issues, and has increased the frequency of patrols in the area. In the event that you witness any further episode of antisocial behaviour on the site, please call the police immediately, and they will respond.

In the meantime we have established that the landlord is finally in the early stages of seeking planning permission to develop the buildings of the Minera Hall site for commercial use. We are pleased to see such plans finally being made, and hope that this will lead to the facility being brought back into use as the best way of removing the problems which long-abandoned buildings can attract.