What The Council Does

What The Council Does

What we do

The Community Council has powers and responsibilities limited and defined by law, and is funded within Council Tax. The council sets a budget each year, and the accounts are audited internally and externally. Full year accounts are available to view at the end of each financial year.

The responsibilities of the Council are varied and include:

    •  the maintenance of the playgrounds in Gwynfryn and Minera. The Minera playground was refurbished in 2020 and the Gwynfryn playground will be   refurbished in 2022;

    •  provision of the crossing patrol at Minera School;

    •  making observations on all applications for planning permission within its area;

    •  funding environmental projects and community facilities, including maintaining the War Memorial shelter, the wildflower garden in Minera churchyard,  and Platinum Jubilee trees and flowers that will be introduced in 2022;

    •  providing, maintaining and improving street lighting;

    •  liaising with WCBC over the establishment and maintenance of the footpaths in the Ward;

    •  providing the services of a Community Agent, whose primary focus is reducing social exclusion among residents over 50 years old;
    •  providing litter bins and public seats, and

    •  making donations to charities and organisations which can benefit local people.

The Council maintains close relationships with the Police to keep crime and antisocial behaviour at a low level. A local officer is invited to attend the monthly Council meeting, and provides a report and takes up queries and issues affecting the policing of the community.

Recent donations the Council has made to charity include: Minera Church for grounds maintenance, Wales Air Ambulance and Family Friends.