Minera Community Council

Minera Community Council



Serving Minera, Gwynfryn, New Brighton, Wern and Five Crosses

About Minera Community Council

The community of Minera lies at the foot of Minera mountain, and covers a land area of 1500 hectares which is mostly rural, of farms and smallholdings. It is the start of the Berwyn mountains and much of the community lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Part of Minera is a designated  minera-cons-area-map(3)

The population is approximately 2,500. At Five Crosses there is a small thriving Industrial Estate. Operating here are The Village Bakery, and a variety of other medium and small businesses.
Minera Voluntary Aided School is the primary school for children between the ages of 3 and 11.
The Tyn Y Capel Inn is the community-focused pub.

Community Councils were set up after the Local Government Act 1972, and are the tier of local government nearest to the people. Councillors are elected and all are volunteers. The Council employs a Clerk on a part time basis to manage the administration.

Minera Community Council has 12 Councillors, with representation from each of the 5 communities in the Ward. The County Borough Councillor for the Ward is one of the Councillors.

Councillors’ contact details can be found on the Council Members page

The Community Council meets once a month. The full Council meets on the 3rd Wednesday each month at the Tyn-y-Capel Inn and Restaurant. There is often a second monthly meeting to discuss community projects.

The Agenda for each meeting together with the Minutes and Policies and Procedures are published on the on the Documents page. Members of the public are welcome to come to the meetings, and if you are thinking of coming, check with the Clerk first as there are sometimes changes to time and venue. If you would like to speak at a meeting, please let the Clerk know at least 3 days before the meeting.