Civility and Respect pledge

Minera Community NewsPolicies & Procedures Uploaded on September 26, 2022

Many people will remember, during the early days of lockdown in 2020, a video going viral of a badly behaved Parish Council meeting in Cheshire. The lady chairing that meeting – Jackie Weaver – has gone on to be something of a minor celebrity.

Beneath the superficial humour of the video, however, is a serious issue that many public bodies of all sizes have had chronic issues relating to how their members interact with each other, their employees and the general public. In the more extreme cases, people have left jobs they would otherwise have enjoyed, and bad behaviour has not been called out.

Jackie Weaver’s celebrity has therefore become a rallying cry to address these issues. Minera Community Council has always striven to be a tolerant and supportive environment, and to be comprised of approachable and respectful individuals. As such we are proud to support this a national initiative to unite all Councils under the same principles of civility and respect. Here is our commitment to our residents, stakeholders, and each other.


Civility and respect pledge