Defibrillators on the way!

Earlier this year we were awarded a free defibrillator under a scheme sponsored by the Welsh Government. As our part of the arrangement, we have to install a heated cabinet and organise training sessions. We have now installed the cabinet in the centre of Gwynfryn, as shown in the photographs, and will be announcing details of the training sessions once the defibrillator has been received.

We have a second application currently in progress with Welsh Government, and should know by early June whether this application has also been successful. Ultimately it is our plan to place a public access defibrillator in each of the communities of the Minera Ward, and we are very pleased to be about to deliver the first one very soon.

Councillors John Edwards and Wyn Blaze, both of whom sadly died in March, were both passionate advocates of our defibrillator programme and both worked hard to bring these resources to our community. It is sad that neither of them is here today to witness their commitment becoming reality, but we will remember their contributions with grateful appreciation for years to come.