Streetlight labelling campaign

Minera Community Council is responsible for maintaining 122 street and pathway lights around the five communities of the Minera Ward. Over the years the records relating to these lights became a little disorganised, compounded by sets of Minera Community Council lights being interspersed with lights that are still the responsibility of Wrexham County Borough or the Highways Agency.

Our late Councillor Wyn Blaze set about unravelling all of this last year, and just before he died in March he had produced a single inventory of lights, each with a unique and logical reference number.

We have therefore had a set of stickers made up which you will now see on our light columns (or in the case of a couple of difficult to reach items, on fences and walls adjacent to them). The sticker clearly shows the reference number, and the number to contact to report a fault.

If there’s no sticker, it’s not our light, and your first port of call to report a fault in that instance is Wrexham County Borough.



Here’s an example of a sticker in situ, this one being the light on Old Smelt Road by the path on to Nantlais……and Nantlais itself, incidentally, is not included in our inventory!