Records of Minera Community Council meetings

I have today posted on this site a draft copy of the August minutes of Minera Community Council. This is a new departure, intended to comply with newly passed legislation. The legislation now requires me, as Clerk, to make available a record of the meeting (notes, draft minutes or similar) within 7 days of the meeting in question. Previously the August minutes would not have appeared on here until after they had been ratified by Councillors at the September meeting on 15 September. The official, ratified minutes will still be published in this way (when the draft minutes will be removed), but hopefully this new approach will help anyone interested in what the Council is working on and dealing with to be informed that much sooner of proceedings. Whether it’s an item in the draft or the final minutes which interests you, I or any of our Councillors will always be pleased to assist you further. Many thanks, David Hinchliffe (Clerk, MCC)