Minera Community War Memorial Refurbishment.

This is a timely request given where we are in the calendar right now.
The bus shelter in the centre of Minera incorporates the community’s war memorial, including a plaque which details the history of the memorial site and the connection with the memorial peal of bells in St Mary’s Church. The shelter itself is in need of some maintenance and renovation, and the Community Council has been contacted by,who are encouraging us to apply for a grant to restore the structure. We have to provide a costed quotation with our grant application, and in keeping with our own financial regulations we will have to obtain three quotations for the work.
We would obviously prefer to keep the work within the community if possible, so please get in touch with me on or 07596 205907 if you’d be interested in supplying a quote, or know someone who might be interested in helping us.
Thank you,
David Hinchliffe, Clerk.