Covid-19 Recovery: WCBC Fortnightly Briefing Note, 20th August 2021

Covid-19 Recovery: WCBC Fortnightly Briefing Note, 20th August 2021

 This is a shorter than normal Members Covid Recovery Briefing Note to provide members with an update regarding the level of spread of the Delta Variant and what is the position in your local area

 Data on the Virus

 TABLE 1: Covid-19 in the County Borough as a whole compared to other Councils in North Wales

Source PHW Tableau
Worst score since the pandemic began in 2020 in Bold, where this score has been recorded in the last 4 weeks.


  • 76 new cases were reported today. The latest 7-day rate for new cases is 8/100,000 population which is 50% worse than the 200.1/100k reported two weeks ago and approaching the 333/100k reported four weeks ago. Positivity (the indicator of community transmission) is 17.3% which has also risen from both the 14.8% of two weeks ago and the 16.7% of four weeks ago). These data show that the reductions from the peak in mid-July have been reversed as the national Covid restrictions have been removed.
  • Wrexham is 3rd in Wales for the rate per 100k, which is unchanged since four weeks ago, and 4th for positivity, whereas it is 2nd four and two weeks ago – a relative improvement, but with worsening numbers.
  • The Delta ‘variant of concern’ accounts for 100% of new cases, with community transmission through social and household contacts, rather than from travel or work, the driver of infection.
  • The highest rates of infection are amongst the 20-29 age group, followed by the under 20s. This is because they are the least vaccinated and are having the most social contact with their peers.
  • Hospital admission and deaths, though rising, thankfully remain low, supporting the view that the vaccine is highly effective against the Delta variant


TABLE 2: Covid-19 in the Sub-Areas of Wrexham (18 MSOA areas used by PHW in its Tableau)

                         Source PHW Tableau


  • All of the 18 sub-areas of Wrexham remain ‘hotspots’ with more than 100 cases/100,000 population, which is the same as both two and four weeks ago. This confirms that there is widespread community transmission rather than clusters in only specific areas.
  • 1 of the sub-areas has more than 400/100k, whereas there were none, 2 weeks ago and 3, four weeks ago.
  • Only 5 of the sub-areas have seen an improvement since two weeks ago, meaning that 13 have got worse.


 The Delta variant continued to remain a concern within our local communities and as you know vaccination remains the best defence against the worst impacts of COVID. Encouraging all parts of our population to become vaccinated remains key, and as eligibility extends to those over 16 this work continues in earnest.

To date 1 million vaccines have been provided across the BCUHB footprint and the millionth was given to a teenager in Wrexham this week.We respect individuals right to make a choice but our message is clear that vaccination is the best choice to secure our safety and liberties.