North Wales Police visiting Meet up Tuesday on 28 September

Susanne our Community Agent has organised a presentation by our local PCSO team about home security and dealing with unwanted visitors. This will be part of the next Meet up Tuesday session at the Tyn y Capel on 28 September, and further details can be found using the link below. Please pass this on to anyone you think could benefit.[0]=AZU4QlBFVLh0hWhrsBxHkuDzkRfvj5Zv0lc_gs0fQM-b30toVxGTfvDERAhoIYDQGUFy2GqEPuXA341Fgl2QTLSHYD-NdKx23iF67BVAXZ6cLLlGul4_1uK2d6DCeUGl0aI&__tn__=EH-R