Minera Community Council meetings

We’ve had a request to make the dates of our meetings more visible, so I’ve listed them below for the rest of 2023.

They are also to be found on our events page on this site – this will be more up to date and reflect any changes from the standard format.

All meetings, unless otherwise arranged, are held in the Tyn y Capel, Church Road, Minera


3rd Wednesday of the month, commencing 7.15pm

28 June (4th Wednesday due to Clerk’s availability and need to conclude internal audit prior to the meeting)

19 July

16 August (subject to review: may be stood down if midsummer business levels are low)

20 September

18 October

15 November

20 December (subject to review: may be stood down due to proximity to Christmas and if pre-holiday business levels are low)


1st Thursday of the month, commencing 7.30pm

These meetings are held only when there is sufficient project activity to warrant a meeting outside the cycle of main Council meetings.

6 July

3 August

7 September

5 October

2 November

7 December (may be a hybrid Main meeting/ Projects meeting depending on business needs)