Minera Community Council Biodiversity Report 2023/24

Statutory Notices Uploaded on July 31, 2023

We are required by law to issue this statement once every year. The content changes very little year on year. Minera Community Council’s dedicated commitment to the values and principles stated herein, and in our separate Biodiversity Statement does not change at all.

REPORT 2023-2024
Minera Community Council provides a range of services to, and undertakes a range of procurements on behalf of its local communities, which have a potential impact on biodiversity. These include:
• Maintenance of open space play areas;
• Maintenance, in conjunction with other environmentally-focused bodies, of former industrial sites now re-established as nature reserves;
• Maintenance and stewardship of sundry assets (noticeboards, bus shelters and public seating) and
• Control of invasive botanical species, notably Japanese Knotweed.
We promote sustainability and biodiversity by pursuing appropriate practices wherever possible.
We serve approximately 2,400 residents, and our precept for 2023-2024 is £42,228
Intended actions and past examples of actions taken
Minera Community Council has declared a Climate Emergency and will reflect this stance in all its actions and activities where this declaration has relevance. We will actively engage with Wrexham County Borough Council’s agenda for decarbonisation and adopt all relevant and achievable policy actions arising from this agenda. Additionally, we will subscribe to and support the joint One Voice Wales and Friends of the Earth Cymru Climate Change and Nature Action Guide for Community and Town Councils in Wales.
Specific ongoing policy actions include:
1. All planning applications submitted to Minera Community Council for review will continue to be scrutinised with due consideration for any adverse impact on the environment. Consistent with objections and observations made over a number of years, the Council will take particular care to ensure that any developmental impact on surface drainage, tree cover and impact on existing resources such as educational provision is duly notified to the Planning Directorate of Wrexham County Borough Council.
2. Minera Community Council will continue to work with, inter alia, Wrexham County Borough Council, Minera Quarry Trust and the North Wales Wildlife Trust to promote and secure the preservation of former industrial sites within its boundaries as places where awareness of the importance of biodiversity can be communicated, and where natural resources can be enjoyed without adverse impact to ecosystems. The Council will continue to use its website to provide an information resource relating to these natural assets, and also to provide historical and contemporary information relating to the Conservation Area which covers a large portion of the footprint of the Minera ward.
3. Minera Community Council will also monitor, maintain and protect such footpaths and rights of way as are recognised and established within its area of jurisdiction, and ensure that they continue to provide access and amenity to residents and visitors alike.
4. Minera Community Council will continue to engage with the staff and pupils of Minera School in order to promote awareness of biodiversity and ecology as part of the wider educational experience.
5. Minera Community Council will continue to consider the environmental impact of its procurement decisions, and will give due priority to environmental concerns alongside price and other determining factors. Significant procurements will be made ensuring that public open spaces are not degraded by Council activities.
6. Minera Community Council will continue to seek to control the spread of invasive botanical species through engagement with appropriate experts. Eradication and intervention will be undertaken on the basis of best available environmental advice and current practice.
7. Minera Community Council will continue to liaise with Groundwork North Wales in the development of the Clywedog Valley Trail.
8. Minera Community Council will undertake a programme of planting of trees and other floral species, in liaison with qualified officers at Wrexham County Borough and Via One Voice Wales, for the beautification of areas of the Minera Ward, and as memorial installations for the benefit of all residents.