Minera Communities News January 2021

Minera Community News Uploaded on August 16, 2021

The Clerk of Minera Community Council (MCC) advised Cllrs that a response from GoSafe relating to training in the use of the speed gun purchased by MCC, was still awaited and that dog fouling posters were still to be finalised.

Cllr W Ollerhead had received guideline prices of £2,500 to £3,000 to renovate the New Brighton Red K6 phone box. This was not a realistic investment at present given parking issues in the vicinity of the kiosk. Volunteers had come forward who were prepared to do some trial renovation of the metalwork and selected panels and this approach would be undertaken in the first instance.

Cllrs were advised that WCBC had not as yet confirmed a date for the meeting with the landowner adjacent to Minera quarry. Issues that were raised at the previous meeting relating to the removal of a tree on WCBC land, an overgrown hedgerow and an obstructed streetlight adjacent to a WCBC building had been notified to the appropriate WCBC officers and responses were awaited.

The Clerk also advised that removal of the redundant rocking horse from Gwynfryn playground had been agreed with WCBC, and would be done as soon as the relevant team could be scheduled to perform the job. It was considered to be unsafe and will be replaced along with other equipment when the present climate allows.

The Clerk had also passed on Minera Community Council’s observations to One Voice Wales concerning the need for OVW to act as advocate for Town and Community Councils in a forthcoming seminar to discuss Town and Country Development Plan proposals.

The MCC Clerk confirmed that no formal report had been received from North Wales Police. A number of communications had been received and circulated to Councillors via the summary of correspondence and where relevant would be discussed later. Due to absence because of illness, the Clerk had received a short summary from the Chair via email immediately prior to the meeting.

The Chair’s principal observations related to the incursion into the community of traffic from further afield in pursuit of leisure and exercise, notably walking and sledging. A landowner in Gwynfryn had rung the chairman for advice on how to deal with the problem. Having informed the trespassers that they were on private land, she then called the police. When they arrived, the landowner was advised to put notices up informing visitors to the area that trespassers will be dealt with by the police under Covid regulations. The owner has no objections to local people walking to the field with their children to go sledging.

request had also been received to ascertain whether WCBC could extend gritting services into Ffordd Eisteddfod / Allt Eisteddfod in the village of Gwynfryn, where one resident in particular had issues caused by the lack of surface treatment in icy weather. The resident has to obtain grit in person from the bin and spread the length of road from the B5430 Old Road to where it meets Ffordd Isaf in the village. The situation was made worse by persons on sledges and skis using the road past his property en route to the quarry. A letter of thanks to WCBC was proposed recognising that bins continued to be emptied and gritting operations were being undertaken was down to commendable efforts by the respective departments within the local authority.

Cllr D Kelly briefly commented to advise the Cllrs that the withdrawal of the majority of local bus provision had been occasioned by a Covid outbreak at Aviva’s Broughton depot. Around 30 drivers had tested positive and Public Health Wales had mandated a 14 day closure of the depot. Remaining services were largely either originating in different depots (such as the X51) or subcontracted to other operators. Issues with traffic around local beauty spots and sledging locations was partly caused by Police action in closing gated parks around the borough, sending individuals elsewhere, including to Minera, where access was not so restricted.

No definitive advice had yet been issued as to when local mass vaccination centres would open. Cllrs commented to advise that 18 January was a date in circulation locally, and was the expected date when the Catrin Finch at Glyndwr University’s facility would open.

The MCC school governor representative’s impression formed of the first Governors’ meeting attended was very good. The meeting was well informed, well organised and informative. It was pleasing to record a number of positive factors, including rising rolls and good performance on attendance and punctuality. The upcoming Estyn inspection has been delayed due to Covid-19 issues. This will be rescheduled for whenever circumstances allow. Generally the school feels in good shape. Utility Aid had provided energy cost proposals which showed an increase over current costs.

Only the existing supplier had been prepared to tender. Following a short discussion Cllr W Blaze undertook to contact the consortium to establish whether a single supplier was used across the constituent Community Councils, and if so whether appetite existed for a joint contract arrangement. The purpose is to save money on provision of power for street lighting. The SLA for the maintenance and inspection of play areas had been received, and was offered on the same basis as previously, with only a minor price increase. The local member pointed out that the contract did not provide for certain aspects of maintenance, such as fences and paths.

The Clerk had been asked by a resident about the ownership of Minera Hall. Coincidentally a great deal of interest in the building had broken out on social media in recent days concerning initiatives to renovate and restore it to use.

The Community Agent Susanne Allcroft joined the zoom meeting and gave her report. Meet up Tuesday morning sessions at the Tyn y Capel are currently suspended. Efforts were therefore being made to keep in contact with the regular attendees for whom the sessions had become a weekly focal point. Generally, some of the more vulnerable residents were more concerned not to go out, and prescription requests and similar tasks were becoming more frequent. The Community Agent service was now authorised to issue foodbank vouchers where needed. The Digital Communities initiative showed great potential to overcome digital isolation, and would hopefully be able to use school premises in the fulness of time. The three iPads sourced from WCBC had been very well received, and there was undoubtedly scope to distribute further units. Susanne would therefore be applying for funding to support this. One Cllr additionally undertook to research the availability of community funding available through his employer in case this could also provide finance for additional units. Following a short discussion the Vice-chair asked Susanne to work up the necessary details for Minera Community Council to be able to consider an appropriate donation to this initiative. Susanne was thanked once again for her efforts to support the Minera communities, and then left the meeting.

The Clerk advised the meeting that North Wales Police had aired the idea of Community Councils providing dedicated funds to PCSOs with which to organise ‘target hardening’ of local vulnerable properties during a recent Police and Community Council forum meeting. The Clerk would seek further details and assurances, including details of who might be subcontracted to install any equipment.

The only request for assistance received in the month had been from Wales Air Ambulance. Following a brief discussion it was proposed and seconded that a donation be made in their favour in the sum of £200.

The Clerk had circulated a revised draft of the budget for 2021/22 prior to the meeting. He provided further detail of certain lines of proposed expenditure, noting in particular that no provision was being sought in the precept for 2021/22 for renovation costs relating to Gwynfryn playground This would continue to be dealt with through Projects Meetings with a view to finalising plans during 2021/22, hopefully when Covid restrictions were entirely removed, whereupon any impact on precept for future years could be assessed.

Following a short review of certain lines of expenditure Cllrs proposed and seconded that the Clerk be authorised to write to WCBC and request a precept of £34,360 for the coming year, a reduction of 3.5% compared to the precept requested and granted for 2020/21.

The Clerk advised the meeting that a notice had been posted inviting any interested residents to request an election to fill the two vacancies currently open on Minera Community Council. This option would expire on 22 January, whereafter if no election was requested, co-option could proceed.

The Clerk advised the meeting that, following agreement with One Voice Wales, plans for a bespoke training session had been deferred to a date when current restrictions were less likely to curtail interest from the wider constituency of local Community Councils. In the meantime, OVW’s current training offerings would continue to be advised to all Councillors for interest, and following a request, the syllabus of certain courses would be requested in order to help clarify the applicability and relevance of some of the options offered.

Correspondence relating to 1 planning application had been received since the previous Council meeting, namely:
P/2020/0824, first floor side extension to Bryn Cottage, Old Road, Minera. Following a brief discussion of the proposal, no observations or objections were noted for notification to WCBC. A FULL DETAILED REPORT OF THE MCC MEETING IS AVAILABLE ON THE MCC WEBSITE OR ON REQUEST FROM THE CLERK OF MCC. CONTACT DETAILS FOR THE COMMUNITY AGENT: SUSANNE ALLCROFT. Tel: 01978720092. 07718207269 Susanne is available to help people of all ages to deal with any issues they may have and will guarantee complete confidentiality. Do not despair, please do not hesitate to contact the Community Agent.