Defibrillators for the Minera communities

Minera Community Council is finalising plans to install a public access defibrillator next to the Book Stop facility in Gwynfryn. The defibrillator will be provided under the Welsh Government’s recent initiative to offer free defibrillators to Town and Community Councils, and will arrive once we have arranged for a power source and cabinet to be put in place ready for it.

We also resolved at our Projects Meeting in December to work towards placing a defibrillator in each of our five communities. We will naturally seek to take advantage of any further free units which might be made available by Welsh Government, but will not delay our plans for the sake of waiting for this to happen. Siting of the units will be our initial task, with some locations more apparent than others, at least to begin with. We will keep everyone updated through our social media and noticeboards as we progress this project.