Completion of Audit for the year to 31 March 2021

We have now received our notice of completion for the audit of last year’s accounts. Our Annual Return for that year and the formal notice which goes with it are attached here. These papers are also available for inspection on our Five Crosses noticeboard (the only one of our five noticeboards large enough to accommodate all the pages and still leave room for other items of interest).

We are pleased that the audit has resulted in an unqualified opinion, even if we have had to wait three months longer than normal to receive confirmation of completion of this annual exercise.

Your rights as residents to examine the Annual Return and supporting papers are explained in the attached papers, and I will be pleased to receive any correspondence within the time limits notified here.

Many thanks,

David Hinchliffe, Clerk to Minera CC

Audit Wales – Audit Completion notice.docx

Final signed Annual Return from Auditor General