A day of storytelling at Minera School

Children at Minera Voluntary Aided School will be enjoying a day of stories this Thursday 9th March thanks to a generous grant from Minera Community Council.

Responding to a request from the Governors and staff expressing concerns that Covid disruption had impacted on children’s access to reading, Minera Community Council voted unanimously to donate £350 to the School for a storyteller to be brought in and spend the day with the children,  telling them tales and helping them create their own stories.

Damian Harvey is an accomplished North Wales author and storyteller with a well-established reputation for working with groups of schoolchildren to bring old stories to life through interactive sessions and then helping the children to create and complete tales of their own. His has authored a repertoire of more than 140 children’s books, including the well-known Robo Runners series, and he loves bringing all his stories to young audiences.

Hazel Field, Chair of the Council said:

“It was an easy decision to support this request; reading is a key skill for all children and as the school had clearly identified an area of concern where the Council could step in to help,  we were delighted to do so.  We wish the children an excellent day with Damian on Thursday.”